What We Do

What we do
We provide residential services to children with SEMH needs with associated learning disability or autism.Our person-centred approach puts the child at the heart of the supportwe provide. We tailor intervention around the child’s individual needs.
Our service provides excellent residential care. Our staff group are versatile, competent, dynamic, dedicatedand professional.

We view residential care not as a last resort, but as a valuable option in its own right for some young people who have had painful experiences of family life. We are experience at providing stable, effective homes for young people, including those with very challenging behaviours – providing them with a safe, caring community in which they can thrive and learn to build positive relationships. 

We offer:


  • Quality care
  • Consistent staffing and experienced management team
  • Effective partnership working with external agencies

Over the past ten years, we have impacted our community by caring for the most vulnerable in our society.

Reach Us

Jamores Homes,
Studio 52,
The Engine House (formerly Thames Innovation Centre),
2 Veridion Way,
DA18 4AL.

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