Meridian House

Meridian House

The second of the Jamores Homes Group was opened in 2016. A 3-bedroom home for children and young people. Over the past years, Meridian House has supported 35 children.

Our first child moved in May 2016. Many wonderful staff members have supported these children (some now adults) over the years; some of whom are here today.

Meridian was rated a GOOD home by Ofsted at its first inspection in November 2016. The home has been managed by several home managers during these times, alongside the registered manager (Esther Ajakaye). Some of those wonderful people are here today.


Our most valuable partners are our staff, without their resilience, commitment and selflessness, we could not have achieved this milestone. We are lucky and have been lucky to have some incredibly talented staff who have worked tireless and passionately to support our children. Some professionals have described our staff as having “miracle fingers”.

Staff are proactive and advocate well for all the children to ensure that they receive the appropriate education.

Children who experienced difficulties attending education prior to moving into the home now access full-time education and are enjoying learning and making new friendships.

Ofsted have said the following about our home

“Staff resiliently work with young people who have high levels of challenging emotional needs. This can result in staff being subjected to physical and verbal abuse. Staff always have the needs of the young people as paramount, consistently endeavouring to have a positive impact on them.

Young people benefit from effective safeguarding arrangements. Staff succeed in providing a stable base for young people who have a history of shortlived placements, complex behaviours and absconding” Ofsted Inspector (2016).

Children’s views are listened to. Children have the opportunity to share their views in weekly house meetings and with their key workers. Children’s complaints are recorded and responded to. As a result, children are more settled and have positive experiences in the home. Children enjoy a range of activities, including going on holiday, trips to the park and having fun at home on the trampoline.

Staff support and encourage children to develop their interests and talents, such as baking and bike riding. This helps children to learn and develop their skills (Ofsted 2022).

Meridian House is a Home away from Home, where we live to empower, give hope, improve outcomes, through united work.

Over the past ten years, we have impacted our community by caring for the most vulnerable in our society.

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