Shaw House

Shaw House

My name is Ann Simpson, I have worked for Jamores since
2018 as a home manager and now as a registered manager. I
am happy to be a part of the celebrate of Jamores, 10th year
anniversary since the opening of their first children’s homes
(Shaw House). It’s an honour to be part of this celebration
to reflect on how far we’ve come over the past decade.

Ten years ago, Jamores embarked on a journey to create a
safe and loving environment for children who, for various
reasons, were not able to live with their families.


As part of the team I can mark this special milestone, we can look back with pride and gratitude for the impact we have made in the lives of so many young ones. I want to express my deepest appreciation to the dedicated staff members at Shaw House and of the Jamores Homes who have poured their hearts and
souls into making this home a nurturing and supportive place for our children.

I have 16 years experience in residential care, and a great passion for working with young people. My parents were foster carers and also both my aunts were foster cares. I have an unwavering commitment, and compassion to give to our young people. Myself and the Shaw House team have been instrumental in shaping the lives of the children in our care. Each and every one of my team members has played a vital role in creating a warm and loving atmosphere where our children can thrive and grow.

I also want to extend my gratitude to all the professionals who have generously given their time, resources, and expertise to help us fulfil our mission. Without their contributions, I would not have been able to provide the level of care and support that our young people deserve and receives.

Shaw House has been home to 26 young people since it opened till date. I want to acknowledge the resilience and strength of all those young people who have called Shaw House their own. Each of them have faced unique challenges, but through it all, they have remained resilient and have shown us the true meaning of courage. Their laughter, their tears, and their dreams have shaped the essence of our home, and we are all better for having known them.

As we reflect on the past ten years, I cannot ignore the trials and tribulations that I have encountered along the way. There have been moments of heartache and difficulty, but through it all, I have remained steadfast in my commitment to providing a loving and stable environment for our children.

Looking ahead, I am committed to continue to improve the lives of the children in our care. My vision for the future is one where every child who walks through our doors continues to feel a sense of belonging, safety, and endless possibilities.

Over the past ten years, we have impacted our community by caring for the most vulnerable in our society.

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