At Jamores Homes we recognise the importance of education for all our young people. 


  • Education offers young people the tools to succeed in life and within placement.
  • Education develops core skills in literacy and numeracy to facilitate independence and access to support later in life.
  • Education develops structure and consistency in the lives of young people.
  • Education develops social skills, the awareness of social issues, British values and promotes personal development.
  • Education develops skills for independence.
  • Education offers accreditation and knowledge that will allow young people to access further education and employment.

Many of our young people have many barriers to education and we are happy to be part of a multi-agency approach to support our young people in accessing and making the most of their time in education.

As an organisation we will:


  • Liaise with all relevant agencies (virtual schools, schools and social care) to ensure young people are placed in schools and gain access to appropriate education as rapidly as possible upon commencement of placement or if permanently excluded.
  • To support attendance and behaviour at school through a variety of means. (transport, rewards and sanctions, encouragement, resources and effective communication with agencies).
  • To contribute to PEP’s, EHCP’s, reviews and attend meetings as required.
  • To support and facilitate any arrangements within the homes such as access for tutors, resources and workspace for young people etc.
  • Hold agencies and organisations to account in regard to all aspects of young people’s education. Example of this could be challenging exclusions, encouraging all students to receive a full time and appropriate education.
  • Offer access to resources both online and in paper form for students who wish additional learning opportunities and tutoring to support learning. (This is to support the learning of young people and does not or should not be viewed to replace any or part of a young person’s education unless agreed and funded by their school or relevant agencies).
  • To facilitate this, we have an educational advisor who advises homes as to their responsibilities and obligations in regard to supporting education for all our young people.



It is our plan in the near future to setup our own school to support our young people in accessing education so we can eliminate the impact of fixed term and permanent exclusions, allow young people to access education rapidly, increase engagement and overcome barriers to education by creating individualised education provision for each of our young people, and in doing so, offer our young people a consistent provision that meets their needs and maintains and supports the ethos, culture and expectations of our homes.


If agencies wish to avail of tutoring support and resources available within our homes so that gaps in education can be minimised, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Please bear in mind that currently we are not an education provision and any education resources or support put in place is to offer learning activities for young people to develop core skills and offer consistency of expectation around learning. This does not replace their entitlement to education in a registered education provision. The expectation is that all young people are supported by agencies in finding an appropriate school place. 


Over the past ten years, we have impacted our community by caring for the most vulnerable in our society.

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