We provide specialist personalised residential care and support for adults and older adults with varying needs, in family sized houses. We promote independence, social inclusion and encourage people, even those with the most complex or challenging needs to take charge of their own lives.
Our supported housing schemes combine the advantages of independence with the reassurance of twenty four hour on site support. It provides an opportunity to build relationships/coping skills with co-residents, to develop confidence and self esteem within a supportive environment. Our homes are located in London and the South East.

Through Person Centred Planning, and a high staff to client ratio, we seek to extend the range of options and choices available to individuals using our services.

Clients placed within our services experience greater choice, support from a smaller staff team which enables greater consistency and continuity of support and also the provision of a physical environment that a client can truly call their own.

Our clients are encouraged to explore activities beyond their immediate boundaries including accompanied holidays, college, trips to cinemas and sports centres etc.

Our homes are located in London and the South East; in residential areas close to local amenities and transport links. Our homes are registered with Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Shaw House: EBD & Mental Health
Elevation House: EBD & Mental Health
Meridian House: EBD & Mental Health (girls only)
Jacinth House: EBD & Education