Oak House

Matching Profile

Specialist Areas

• Children age from 7yrs to 14yrs
• Trauma, abuse and neglect
• Attachment Disorder
• Autism and some learning difficulties

What are the strengths of your home?
  • Use of play and fantasy games to engage children positively and therapeutically
  • Effective management of disclosure abuse through play
  • Successful management and support for children who have difficulties at nighttime or experience night-time terrors associated with abuse and trauma.
  • High staffing level to ensure children are engaged in play and interpersonal activities that meets their needs for attention and interaction.
  • Attachment and trauma informed practice
  • Art & Drama Psychotherapy
What are the weaknesses of your home?

• Newly registered provision, no Ofsted grading at present.

Staff skillset
  • Experienced staff
  • Child friendly welcome and admission
  • Therapeutic practice
  • Safeguarding children
  • Attachment informed practice
  • Positive Behaviour Support
  • Effective Key working
  • CSE
  • Dealing with complex and challenging
  • Holding young people within boundary.
  • Communication.
    Adapting to the needs of the young
  • Sensitive and child focused management
    of transition.
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