We provide services across children & young people, adults, older adults, mental health, learning disability, autism, substance misuse, employment and residential support & care
Our person-centred approach puts you at the heart of the care you receive. We tailor each support/care plan around your individual needs. Our work covers five core areas:

Children & Young People services
Our service provides excellent residential care & education for children and young people. Our staff group are versatile, competent, dynamic, dedicated and professional.
We view residential care not as a last resort, but as a valuable option in its own right for some young people who have had painful experiences of family life.
We are able to provide stable, effective placements for young people, including those with very challenging behaviours – providing them with a safe, caring community in which they can thrive and learn to build positive relationships

  • high value, flexible services for local authorities
  • consistent staffing and experienced management
  • effective partnership working with other agencies

 Learning Disability

We design and operate services for people with learning disabilities/difficulties – empowering them to make their own choices and decisions wherever possible.

Mental Health
We are specialists in mental health services, offering integrated support that sees past your mental health diagnosis to support you as you achieve your personal goals.

Residential Care& Support
We provide specialist personalised residential care and support for adults and older adults with varying needs, in family sized houses. We promote independence, social inclusion and encourage people, even those with the most complex or challenging needs to take charge of their own lives.Our homes are situated in residential areas close to local amenities and transport links.

We offer employment &training programmes and personalised work-focused support for those who need a helping hand. We help you find meaningful employment so you can get the most out of life