Personalisation means thinking about care and support services in an entirely different way. This means starting with the person as an individual with strengths, preferences and aspirations and putting them at the centre of the process of identifying their needs and making choices about what, who, how and when they are supported to live their lives.

Personalisation is about giving people much more choice and control over their lives. It means addressing the needs and aspirations of whole communities to ensure everyone has access to the right information, advice and advocacy to make good decisions about the support they need. It means ensuring that people have wider choice in how their needs are met and are able to access universal services such as transport, leisure and education, housing, health and opportunities for employment regardless of age or disability.

Jamores Homes supports personalisation across health and social care. All of our services are based on the principle that individuals should have control over creating their own support packages that best meet their needs. Whether or not people have a direct payment or a personal budget, we support individuals to access services which are flexible and are focused on achieving greater independence.

We aware that only through integration, personalisation and responding to the wishes and needs of the people that use our services will those services remain relevant and effective.
To ensure that individual client’s needs are met, we have developed a menu of support service that our clients can choose to purchase.

Our Personalisation Support puts you in control of your care – helping you live life the way you want. This means empowering you to make your own choices and allowing you to be as independent as possible. Our main goal isto give you the power to take control of your life. It usually involves you choosing your package of care and support and paying with your personal budget. Whatever your circumstances, we will provide you with a Personal Assistant who will help you make the most of your support and help you make decisions about the best care for you.

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