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Elevation House

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Specialist Areas

Elevation House has extensive experience of working with children who go missing. They have developed
stringent protocols, emphasising inter-agency
work, to minimise the risk associated with missing
children. Elevation House also understands that as
part of a reduction in missing episodes strategy a
home needs to be fun, warm and welcoming to
Elevation House also has a good understanding of
gangs culture and county lines behaviour. Staff
also possess a good working knowledge of CSE,
CCE and the vulnerabilities and signs of children
involved in this kind of behaviour.

What are the strengths of your home?
  • The home makes a strong emphasis on safeguarding. Management has created a strong
    culture of preventing and reducing risks to keep
    the children safe. This covers all areas, from
    involvement with county lines and gangs to safe
    administration of medication.
  • The home understands well the importance of
    multiagency working to reduce risks for children.
    Local authorities involved in the home praised the
    high levels of collaboration and communication
    from staff.
  • Medication and health management is another area
    of strength of the home. Medication and health
    needs are promoted daily and monitored and
    managed rigorously.
    Diabetes management is a strength of the home,
    due to a current placement with Type 1 diabetes.
    Staff have supported this child for months with
    her diabetes needs.
  • Staff are also knowledgeable in autism and have
    made good progress in looking after a child with
    ASD needs. Staff also have a good understanding
    of therapeutic practice and how to de-escalate and
    work with ADHD behaviours.
    The home understands the need for young people
    to keep active and engage in the community. They
    offer a range of activities in the local area and
    emphasise the need to engage in sports and local
  • The home also understands the importance of
    teaching and promoting young people to develop
    independence and life skills. The home has
    accomplished great progress in this area with
    young people.
What are the weaknesses of your home?
  • The home is situated in Newham, London. The area presents a number of challenges in terms of gangs and county lines.

Staff skillset
  • Creating and following protocols to minimise the risk of children going missing
  • Diabetes management
  • ASD
  • Self-harm
  • Therapeutic practice
  • CSE
  • CCE

Inside Elevation House

About the Manager

Silky has worked in care homes with young people with emotional and behavioral difficulties for 5 years. She has also worked with young people as a drug and alcohol practitioner which allowed her to carry out one to one therapeutic based session with young people abusing these substances. Working as an Applied behavioral (ABA) tutor gave her some experience of introducing personalized incentive charts by targeting what motivates a child. She enjoys staying active by going swimming, exercising and staying mentally refreshed by meditating. She is a vegetarian and is a huge fan of animals! Silky has a BSc psychology and possesses an MSc in Early Intervention in psychosis. Silky is currently enrolled for QCF Level 5 in Leadership and Management for Health and Social Care and Children and Young people’s service – Residential Childcare. She is also Bi-lingual in both English and Gujarati

Contact Phone: 02085527360

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