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Silky has worked in care homes with young people with emotional and behavioral difficulties for 5 years. She has also worked with young people as a drug and alcohol practitioner which allowed her to carry out one to one therapeutic based session with young people abusing these substances. Working as an Applied behavioral (ABA) tutor gave her some experience of introducing personalized incentive charts by targeting what motivates a child. She enjoys staying active by going swimming, exercising and staying mentally refreshed by meditating. She is a vegetarian and is a huge fan of animals! Silky has a BSc psychology and possesses an MSc in Early Intervention in psychosis. Silky is currently enrolled for QCF Level 5 in Leadership and Management for Health and Social Care and Children and Young people’s service – Residential Childcare. She is also Bi-lingual in both English and Gujarati

Contact Phone: 02085527360