We provide homes that actively nurtures and cares for young people, affording them the same rights and opportunities as enjoyed by those not “living in care”, to enable them to reach their full potential and grow to become responsible adults

Our services provide excellent residential care & education for children and young people. Our staff group are versatile, competent, dynamic, dedicated and professional.
We view residential care not as a last resort, but as a valuable option in its own right for some young people who have had painful experiences of family life.
We are able to provide stable, effective placements for young people, including those with very challenging behaviours – providing them with a safe, caring community in which they can thrive and learn to build positive relationships

We offer placements to Children & Young People:

  • In need of emergency or respite care together
  • Who require short, medium or long term placement option.
  • Of either gender.
  • Between the ages of 10& 18 years.
  • Who exhibit challenging/mild to moderate offending behaviour.
  • Exhibiting sexualized behaviour
  • With moderate to severe learning difficulties
  • Who are experiencing crisis in their lives, including those with turbulent and traumatic pasts
  • Who have been victims of physical, emotional or sexual abuse and neglect
  • From diverse racial, cultural and religious backgrounds
  • Having difficulties conforming to boundaries and expectations, which places them at risk of social exclusion
  • Who are asylum seekers
  • Who need to be placed together as part of a sibling group
  • Who have difficulties engaging in structured education, including those with a Statement of educational needs
  • With a history of failed placements
  • With history of mental health problems

Our staff team include:

  • Home Managers
  • In – house Psychologists
  • Teachers
  • Support Workers
  • Support Assistants

We ensure:

  • High value, flexible services for local authorities
  • Consistent staffing and experienced management
  • Effective partnership working with other agencies

Shaw House: EBD & Mental Health
Elevation House: EBD & Mental Health
Meridian House: EBD & Mental Health (girls only)
Jacinth House: EBD & Education